Hotel Podhrad and Dependency Knížecí dvůr

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The hotel is located just below the Hluboká castle, which is the dominant landmark of the whole town

Hotel and Dependency

Hotel Podhrad and Dependency Knizeci Dvur offer an ideal combination of comfortable accommodation, excellent gastronomy, sports activities and wellness services in the beautiful and calm environment of the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou. The hotel is located just below the Hluboká chateau, which is the dominant landmark of the whole town. The detached suites are located only a few steps away from the main building.

Free parking
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Stay in comfortable rooms directly under the Hluboká castle More information
Enjoy the best of Czech cuisine, local and national specialties More information
Take advantage of the hotel's relaxation and wellness center More information
Play on the golf course just a few steps from Hotel Podhrad More information
Special offers

Special offers

If you are planning to stay at Hotel Podhrad or Dependency Knizeci Dvur, have a look at our themed and advantageous packages. Regardless of whether you have come for relaxation, an anniversary or golf, our offer will surely intrigue you. All our guests always enjoy free parking and WiFi.

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