The stylish restaurant of Podhrad Hotel offers you the best of both domestic and local cuisine as well as national specialities based on popular and culinary traditions

The excellent gastronomical experience can be accompanied by a selection of the finest wines from the most prominent wine-growing regions. Our portfolio includes wines from France, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech republic, and other countries, as well.

Additionally to the restaurant, you can also enjoy your food and drinks in the lounge and lobby bar. All areas are air conditioned. In 2012, our restaurant was included in Maurer's Selection Grand Restaurant with a recommendation. If you just feel like relaxing for a while, our garden terrace offers a view of the historical church in the town center. Furthermore, our professional staff will make sure that your time spent here is as pleasant as possible.

Mo – Sun: 11:00 – 23:00 o'clock
Top restaurant
Air conditioning
Outdoor terrace

Food and drink menu ...

Starters and Salads

  • 70g Venison Pâté with cranberry sauce
    170 CZK
  • 70g Slowly baked English roast beef with lemon mayonnaise and toast
    180 CZK
  • 250g Caesar salad with chicken, parmesan and egg
    280 CZK
  • 250g Citrus beet salad with natural cheese and roasted seeds
    220 CZK


  • Beef broth with meat and noodles
    80 CZK
  • Traditional South Bohemian sour-cream soup with potatoes, eggs, mushrooms and dill
    90 CZK
  • Pheasant cream soup with meatballs
    90 CZK

Fish courses

  • 150g Strips of carp with small mix salad, a spicy dip and toasted baguette
    280 CZK
  • 180g Grilled zander filet with capers sauce, small mixed salad and roasted potatoes
    360 CZK
  • 150g Trout fillets with herb butter, garlic rocket, cooked potato
    320 CZK


  • 200g Old Bohemian wild boar goulash with Carlsbad dumplings
    270 CZK
  • 150g Fallow deer schnitzel served with potato salad without mayonaise
    320 CZK
  • 200g Marinated deer ridge with mushroom sauce and Carlsbad dumplings
    450 CZK

Recommended by the Chef

  • 200g Wiener veal schnitzel with buttered potatoes and cranberries
    360 CZK
  • 250g Beef steak from sirlon with grilled vegetables, french fries and demi glace sauce
    550 CZK
  • 250g Baked beef with vegetable and creamed sauce, served with Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries
    290 CZK
  • 200g Marinated chicken breast with lemon-parmesan sauce, baby spinach leaves, grenaille potatoes
    290 CZK
  • 250g Filet of pork with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes
    320 CZK
  • 350g 1/4 roasted duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage
    320 CZK
  • 300g Traditional beef roll with rice
    290 CZK

Vegetarian meals

  • 300g Grilled Camembert, grenaille potaoes, cranberries served with small mixed salad
    250 CZK
  • 300g Risotto with oyster mushroom and parmesan cheese
    250 CZK
  • 200g Mushroom sauce with dumplings
    230 CZK


  • Potato gnocchi with sugar, poppy seeds and butter
    140 CZK
  • Pancakes with fresh strawberries and sweet crème fraîche
    160 CZK
  • Pavlova with fresh fruit and whipped cream
    140 CZK
  • Pancake with caramel, cinnamon sugar, almonds and applesauce
    160 CZK
  • - Other desserts according to the current daily offer


  • 200g Potatoes: boiled, baked, mashed potatoes, french fries
    100 CZK
  • 200g Grilled vegetables
    130 CZK
Allergens: 1 gluten, 2 crustaceans, 3 eggs, 4 fish, 5 peanuts, 6 soy, 7 milk, 8 nuts, 9 celery, 10 mustard, 11 sesame, 12 sulfur dioxide and sulfites, 13 lupine (dandruff), 14 shellfish


Breakfast is served in the form of a self-service buffet in the hotel restaurant from 7 to 10 AM. The breakfast menu is designed to truly satisfy every guest. You can choose from a variety of cheeses, smoked meat, butter and spreads, fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, several types of pastry and of course warm and cold drinks.

Corporate events

If you are looking for a calm place with wide entertainment options for a large group of people, located in a beautiful environment and with excellent service, then you're at the right place. We have up to 70 rooms available for you and a suitable conference halls equipped with modern technology and fully air conditioned.

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Special offfers

Special offfers

If you are planning to stay at Hotel Podhrad or Dependency Knizeci Dvur, have a look at our themed and advantageous packages. Regardless of whether you have come for relaxation, an anniversary or golf, our offer will surely intrigue you. All our guests always enjoy free parking and WiFi.

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