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Organize your wedding in one of the most beautiful locations in Bohemia! We'll take care of everything.

Dear brides and grooms,


if you are considering organizing your wedding in the Hluboká nad Vltavou chateau, you can rest assured that you chose one of the most beautiful locations in South Bohemia.

A wedding is a unique and unforgettable event in the life of each of us. However, its organization can be very stressful and time-demanding. To make sure that this important day is truly perfect, everything needs to be carefully prepared and planned. Especially on the wedding day it is important to ensure that everything goes as planned and without problems. There's so much to decide on – and a reprise is out of the question...

We will be happy to take over all the worries related to the organization of your big day. It will in fact be our pleasure to organize and secure all essentials for your wedding, from flowers, music, hair dressers and cosmetic services, a coach or boat ride, a photographer, up to catering services based on your requirements and requests. If you're still not sure where to have your wedding reception, we offer you the option of having it directly in our hotel near the chateau, which is one of the most beautiful of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Why choose us

  • We have extensive experience with smaller family weddings as well as large events. We offer accommodation in a wedding suite for a special price and provide great offers for wedding guests, give advice for the organization of the ceremony, organize the wedding reception based on your requests, carefully prepare the wedding menu and reception, provide advice for choosing the accompanying program, arrange music of any genre based on your wishes


For offer contact our sales department

For offer contact our sales department

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