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Mon – Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM

Podhrad Hotel in Hluboká nad Vltavou is an ideal location for your wellness and relaxation stay in South Bohemia. Enjoy our relaxation and wellness center in the hotel. You can look forward to a sauna, infrasauna, whirlpool and swimming pool with counter-current (2.5 x 5 m). We also recommend trying out one of the offered classic or exotic massages.

During your stay you will be entitled to enjoy 1 hour of complimentary access to our relaxation center. The time of using the wellness center must be booked in advance. Maximum capacity of the wellness center is 8 persons.

Price for hotel guests for each additional hour

  • Adult CZK 100
  • Children from 3 to 12 years of age CZK 60
  • Children up to 3 years of age free when accompanied by parents

Select your massage

Classic Thai oil massage

A pressure and point massage of the whole body. This massage does not focus only on muscles, but on general physical and mental relaxation and stretching. Thai massage is both a preventive and curative measure for a range of diseases. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and frees up blocked energy. It is not recommended during menstruation, heart problems, pregnancy, and less than 1 hour after eating.

Price: CZK 650 per 25 min. Price: CZK 1.000 per 50 min.

Regeneration and reconditioning massage (classic)

This massage will caress and relieve your tense muscles and improve your metabolism. It provides relaxation, has anti-stress effects and calms down the mind. It is not recommended when suffering from a cold, inflammation, in case of heart or pressure problems, diabetes and epilepsy

Price: CZK 600 per 25 min. Price: CZK 950 per 50 min.

Thai leg massage

This is an ancient harmonization technique which is most prevalent in Thailand. It utilizes the energy lines of feet (for less than one hour), which operate similarly to acupuncture and spread life energy throughout the whole body. The massage has a very relaxing effect and has a strong physiological as well as mental and anti-stress impact. It is highly efficient especially for headaches and migraines, arthritis, ischialgia, back and hip pains, in case of numbness or paralysis of legs and so forth. It is not recommended during menstruation, heart problems, pregnancy, and less than 1 hour after eating.

Price: CZK 1.000 per 50 min.

Chocolate massage with wrap

The queen of the relaxation massages in our offer! This massage significantly contributes to skin care, toning of the skin and prevents ageing. It helps against cellulite. Chocolate nourishes the skin with a large amount of vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes and antioxidants, and has beneficial effects on beauty and mood. It is not recommended in case of allergies to components in the procedure, high or low blood pressure, skin problems, pregnancy, infections and oncological diseases.

Price: CZK 1.200 per 50 min.

Honey massage with wrap

Honey can extract and remove the stress caused by back pains. The massage removes toxins from the body by a method called "pumping". It is also suitable during exhaustion, stress, head aches and problems sleeping. It has positive effects on allergies, rheumatism, intestinal and menstrual problems as well as heart and vascular problems. It is not recommended in case of allergy to honey, skin diseases, open wounds and pregnancy.

Price: CZK 1.200 per 50 min.

Anti-cellulite massage with cinnamon wrap

This is a highly effective massage against cellulite. It also has positive effects against leg pains and improves body formation and skin quality. Thanks to the cinnamon oil and pressure wrap, it helps the removal of unwanted substances from the body. It is not recommended during pregnancy, in case of varicose veins, sensitivity to cinnamon, cancer, bleeding and fever, heart diseases

Price: CZK 1.100 per 50 min.

Hawaiian lava stone massage

The lava stone massage is first and foremost an excellent means of relaxation. The warm stones help with nervousness, stress, insomnia, can loosen stiff muscles, blocks and cramps. This massage will help with joint and ligament pains, regulate digestion and speed up the metabolism. It removes harmful substances from tissues, improves the function of the lymphatic system and thus also helps against cellulite. It is not recommended during menstruation, heart problems, pregnancy, and less than 1 hour after eating.

Price: CZK 1.500 per 50 min. Price: CZK 1.900 per 90 min.
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